Brand Positioning and Pricing- Webinar

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10,500 ex. VAT

If you are looking to position your brand to stay ahead of your competition, this webinar is for you. In this 4 hour webinar, TriciaBiz teaches on Brand positioning and how to price for profitability.


What you will learn:

-How to look for and identify market gaps

-How to carve a niche for your business

-How to communicate your difference from your competitors

-Pricing Strategies

-Price/Quality Relationship

-How to calculate your costs


4 reviews for Brand Positioning and Pricing- Webinar

  1. ankara_lanta (verified owner)

    Amazing class, it was very practical and i understood everything and most importantly who my target audience are. It was worth more than the pay.

  2. lilytobs_cocktails (verified owner)

    It was amazing and I learned a great deal which has been bursting my brain. It was worth every dime spent. Thank you for making it affordable. God bless you real good.

  3. Kham_wigs

    Thank you so much Tricia for all the knowledge, I am having headache from too much information, in fact, i have birthed a new business idea.

  4. beautyblaze_nig (verified owner)

    You are damn good, you literally emptied yourself just so we can learn what you know. Now I know what i have been missing not attending your class. God bless you real good.

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