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Selling is a skill that can be learned and developed. Sales Script 101 is that resource that helps you open and close more sales. This E-Book contains over 100 ready-to-use scripts that cover different situations. All you need to do is flip to the script that covers the situation, customize it to fit your brand and you’re good to go!


6 reviews for Sales Script 101- eBook

  1. The Funding Magnet 🧲

    Sales Script 101 was a game changer for me! I struggled with closing sales call ☎️ and even knowing how to follow-up appropriately with those who promise to pay, all of that changed when I applied the strategies in this book. It is worth more than what you are paying for l!

  2. Ayanfeoluwa

    This book saved me alot of money. For any sales objection, I just copy and edit to suit me and gbam clients will just concur like that. Ah I got value

  3. Ayomide

    From questions like, what should I say when following up with a client to close a sale? to, how do I convince a client to buy my product when my prices are non-negotiable?. This book provides me with the answers I need, better still, statements to use. Tricia shares numerous examples of opening and closing sales script for different sales scenarios, you literally cannot use it all.

  4. Aderinsola

    I got this book because I was tired of teaching my team members. I recently hired a sales rep that was terrible at sales closing and I had no time to teach. I remembered Tricia once advertised a script and I went ahead to purchase it.
    This was definitely a plus to me as I did not have to spend precious time teaching and correcting. Tricia’s book saved me the stress. My sales rep now closes sales better in-store and online.

  5. Kofi

    This book is still relevant till date. Helping me close sales that used to be difficult to do. The amazing thing is, the answers can just be copied and sent to the client. Shikena.

    Thank you tricia

  6. Wendy Ukulor

    This book is a game changer… before now it was terrible to close a sale and I had no time to follow up clients to close sales, but now I can do that 💯💯 and it feels amazing…. this was money well spent… I got much more than what I paid for. The best thing I loved the answers can be copied and sent to a client.. I would definitely buy another product and recommend your digital products.

    Thank you

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