Online Sales Explosion Bundle [E-Choke Bundle]

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11,000 ex. VAT

Struggling with how to increase your sales on Online? Or how to market your products or services on Whatsapp, Instagram and Website? Are you also thinking of the sales channels to use for your business?

Echoke Bundle will help you explode your sales online, even if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced in business.
Here is what you will learn:

  • How to identify the channels you should use for your business.
  • Increase sales on Instagram
  • Grow your audience on Instagram
  • Meme Marketing
  • Things you should put in place before you run an AD to improve your conversion rate
  • Setting up your google my business
  • Setting up your WhatsApp e-commerce store
  • Get increased views to your store + How to sell better on WhatsApp
  • Get more sales from your website using these sales techniques
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18 reviews for Online Sales Explosion Bundle [E-Choke Bundle]

  1. Bukola Sokunbi

    Watching this triple your sales using Traffic and it’s like you are speaking to me directly. I love the way you simplify your message and its so relatable. Thank you for being a wonderful coach.

  2. Uchey Kama

    Very insightful and enlightening course. Thank you, Coach Tricia!

  3. Sani Hannatu

    This is my first time signing up for any of her classes but from what I’ve been getting on her. Page for freee My body couldn’t test till I signed up Can’t wait

  4. Elohor Kpirhe

    Another gbas gbos from the coaches’ coach. 💯💯💯

  5. Elohor Kpirhe

    E choke!!!!!

  6. Ukaigwe Promise

    Thank you!

  7. Irene Bangwell

    Tricia is an excellent coach.

  8. Dorcas

    The bundle on the surface looks like basic stuff you know… as the videos progress you realise there’s so much you’re learning! Fantastic bundle!

  9. Seun

    It worth every single penny.i love the bundle,weldone coach😘

  10. Monica

    Truth is the E choke bundle is actually worth more than the amount I paid.Very insightful and enlightening,It addresses different areas one struggles in business and gives you solutions and ways to improve your business and also make more money.Thank you Coach for always dropping gems 🙌🏼

  11. Folake Kehinde

    Easy to understand and I have started taking actions

  12. Nana Akua

    Just like the bundle’s name
    Honestly I think Tricia undersold herself taking into consideration the depth and content of this course.
    It’s a must have trust me!

  13. Hayjay

    Normal normal the class choke just like the name tricia gave it. I enjoyed every bit of the class, it was educative, learnt i can sell my products to other sales channel except ig, learnt different marketing strategies. The class was very insightful 👏. Thanks coach for making this class worth every kobo payed

  14. Zainab muhammad

    The e choke bundle was very very easy to understand. Tricia really broke everything down in simple terms . I am glad I purchased the bundle

  15. Purejoie

    Thank you for this ah-mazzzzzzing bundle with lots of practicable solutions. Thank you so much.


    This bundle is all in one. It has changed my life and business . It has done to me more than a business marketing, watching you speak alone imprints your words to my brain, Gbam! And I start seeing possibilities. I got a whole lot more than the value of my money. Thanks, Tricia, for this great impact.

  17. Yetunde Oyebanjo

    The e choke bundle is a complete package for online marketing. Delivered in very easy to understand language, with a great sense of humour that makes you understand easily, and very detailed to the most little thing. Then, the extra bonuses that comes with it! No matter how long you’ve been in business, old or new business, you should have an experience of the e choke bundle.

  18. Dinah

    Just like the name! It’s really choked! Too much value just too much for the amount paid!!! Wow!

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