Pricing and Sales Negotiation- Webinar

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10,000 ex. VAT

When it comes to pricing, many business owners are guilty of undercutting themselves. In a bid to get more customers, they reduce their prices forgetting to take into consideration factors such as daily operational expenses, subscriptions, rent, salaries etc.

In this interactive webinar, TriciaBiz shares strategies and tactics that make pricing and negotiation a walk in the park.


What you would learn:

-Effective Pricing Techniques

-Sales Mastery

-Smart Negotiation Tactics

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Here is  what you will get

Pricing Techniques

Sales Mastery

Negotiation tips, and many more.

6 reviews for Pricing and Sales Negotiation- Webinar


    This webinar helped me to price my products and not be in the loss. Also, I learnt how to stand my ground when negotiating with customers.😊

  2. Morayo Odukoya

    I spent 4 hours in this class with TriciaBiz, we learned, unlearned and relearned. One fact: She knows her onions. Thank you Tricia for giving your all to the class, we could feel it. Some of us left with headache. Knowing your business financials (fully) is the best gift any entrepreneur can give him/herself.

  3. janette_luxuryhair (verified owner)

    I want to say a big thank you for all you taught me in the pricing and sales webinar, it opened my eyes to a lot of things in the business industry.

  4. theheritagesale (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the class. Really need to work on my sales, wow good value for the amount. it was really educating. Love you.

  5. simplymorayo (verified owner)

    I am learning, relearning, and unlearning. One fact: You know your onions. Knowing your business financials is the best gift any entrepreneur can give his or herself. Thank you for an amazing class.

  6. Saint Tracy

    I can never for get this webinar.
    It gave birth to a lot of things, We still use the yearly marketing calendar to plan all our projects for the year

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